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14 Days To Accepting (And Radically Loving) Your Big, Curvy Body

✅Stop hating your body.
✅Quit saying you are not enough!
✅Put an end to the exhausting quest to shrink yourself, and feeling like a hostage to the scale.


You are exhausted from…


Constantly battling your body to shrink


Anxiety from your mean inner critic


Guilt from trying to eat "healthy" but ultimately not "succeeding"


Comparing yourself to the images you see of "happy and healthy" people on Instagrm


Waiting for the day when you are finally thin enough to enjoy your life and follow your dreams...


Feeling not good enough no matter how hard you try

You want to feel comnfortable, capable, and confident in your body!


It Is Time To Accept (and radically love) your big, curvy body

Learn how none of this is your fault!

That’s right, I said what I said. Your negative body image is NOT your fault. We’ll dive into all of the ways we ahve been conditioned to hate our bodies. 

Understand the causes of negative body image

Knoweldge is power! By understanding all of the causes of negative body image we can be aware and a make a plan to stop these negative effects. 

Build your tool kit to fall in love with your body and unleash your confidence

Each day of the challenge include a research backed activity to help you fall head-over-heels in love with your magnificant body. Girl, you are going to be unstoppable!

Join the Challenge!

What you'll get:

✅ Daily Audio Lessons ($27 Value)

✅ Challenge Workbook With Daily Activities and Journal Prompts ($17 Value)

✅ 2 Group Coaching Calls ($100 Value)

✅ Access to Private Coaching Group ($7 Value)

Total Value = $151

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Our 14 Day Journey


Intro & Intention Setting



Exploring positive body image & radical self love


Causes of negative body image


What is objectification theory?


Intro to comparison culture


Social Media’s Role in Comparison Culture and Self-Objectification


Unmasking Diet Culture and Taking Back Control


Celebrating Body Functionality


Your body’s ability for self-expression

DAY 10

Intro to positive body talk

DAY 11

Embracing Self-care

DAY 12

Body Image & Exercise

DAY 13

Changing thoughts about FAT

DAY 14

Reflection & Next Steps

Meet your Coach

Hey Babes! I’m Izsie.

I’m your passionate guide on this journey towards radical self-love and body acceptance.

Currently based in the United States (I’m originally from London), I’m an anti-fatphobia advocate, a feminist, a certified personal trainer, and a woman’s coaching specialist. My life is infused with a love for sports, music, dance, and a deep fascination with psychology. Living with ADHD, I’ve harnessed my unique perspective to create a space where every woman, especially those with beautiful, curvy bodies, can thrive.

My journey towards creating this challenge began when I stumbled upon the “Project Body Love” podcast by Women’s Health Magazine.

This ignited a fire within me to not only transform my own relationship with my body but also to help others do the same.

Society’s unrealistic beauty standards have left so many of us feeling unworthy and unloved in our own skin. I created this challenge to be a sanctuary, a place where we shout back, “I am MORE than enough!” It’s about more than just accepting your body; it’s about embracing it with radical love and rewriting our narratives.

My journey from self-discovery to becoming a certified personal trainer and a woman’s coaching specialist has equipped me with the tools and knowledge to guide you.

As your coach, I bring a unique blend of personal experience, professional expertise, and unwavering passion to the table. My journey from self-discovery to becoming a certified personal trainer and a woman’s coaching specialist has equipped me with the tools and knowledge to guide you. I understand the struggles you face because I’ve walked that path too.

I believe in the power of community, support, and self-love to transform lives. I’m not just a coach; I’m your cheerleader, your advocate, and your partner in this transformative journey.

I invite you to join me in this life-changing adventure of self-discovery, self-acceptance, and radical self-love. Together, we’ll celebrate every inch of your fabulous self, no matter where you are on your self-love journey.

Whether you’re just beginning or have been working towards self-acceptance for a while, this challenge is for you. It’s time to rewrite the narrative, embrace your unique, curvy body with pride, and say, “I am deserving of love and acceptance exactly as I am.








Embrace your beautiful body and reclaim your confidence!

Frequently asked questions

What if I miss a day or can't participate for the full 14 days?

Life can get busy, and that’s okay! While we encourage daily participation, you can catch up on missed days at your own pace. The challenge materials will remain accessible to you even after it concludes.

Is this challenge only for women with curvy bodies?

This challenge is open to all women, regardless of body type. It’s designed to promote self-love and body acceptance for everyone.

What if I have specific questions or concerns during the challenge?

I’m here to support you every step of the way. You can reach out with any questions or concerns, and I’ll provide guidance and assistance promptly.

Is there a community aspect to the challenge?

Yes, absolutely! Once you join we will add you to our private Facebook group. We have a vibrant and supportive community of women. You’ll have the opportunity to connect, share experiences, and provide mutual support.